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Beginner Solo & Ensemble

Beginner Solo and Ensemble is an after-school event where individuals or ensemble groups perform a musical selection for a judge.  Participants receive comments on their performance from the judge. All students are encouraged to participate, especially if they have a private teacher who is working on solo repertoire. Students who do not participate in this event will play a solo of their choosing for a test grade in class the Friday before the event. Mrs. Wang will assist students with appropriate music choices for solos and ensembles. 


Solo & Ensemble Schedule

Students will be assigned a specific time slot, approximately one month before the event date. Please arrive 30 minutes before your time slot to warm up, and ensure the schedule can run on time. 

Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin

Click here to sign up for in-school private lessons! Lessons are not mandatory, or a guarantee, but can go a long way in helping your student prepare for the audition! 


Click here to download and fill out a participation contract, and indicate time preferences for the event. 

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