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UIL stands for University Interscholastic League. It is a state-implemented ensemble evaluation (like a STAAR test for orchestra) which is typically held in late February. The event consists of two portions, a concert and a sightreading portion. These events are judged by three adjudicators who are state-accredited music educator evaluators. The ensemble receives a score based on a standardized rubric for each event, helpful comments from each judge, and professionally recorded audio.


This event happens during the school day and is a district-wide event for all orchestra, band, choir, and theater programs. Philharmonic and Chamber students attend every year, with the possibility of Symphonic as well. Students wear formal concert attire and are expected to be in good academic standing with other classes. Pre-UIL is a practice experience that occurs approximately two weeks before the actual contest date. Pre-UIL helps the students feel more prepared for the actual event.


Learn more about UIL through the official website. 


Volunteer Here!

Parents are incredibly important to the success of Pre-UIL and UIL! Parents are permitted to attend the event if chaperoning. As a parent chaperone, you will help keep the students calm and focused in the hallways, help carry music, bass stools, and other equipment, and get to be a part of this unique experience! 


Click here to download and fill out field trip permission slips for Pre-UIL and UIL. 

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