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Violin Orchestra

All-Region Clinic & Concert

This is a competitive and rewarding experience! Advanced-level students are encouraged to audition for a special ensemble called All-Region Orchestra. This ensemble is composed of advanced-level middle school musicians from Northwest ISD, Denton ISD, and Lewisville ISD. Students will receive audition material in the first couple of weeks of school. In order to be properly prepared, it is important that students begin working on the excerpts and scales immediately! Students who work diligently with or without a private lesson teacher typically do well at the audition. Auditions are held on Saturday at the end of October. There will be a mock-audition after school to help prepare students for the experience.


 A successful audition means placing in one of two available ensembles and preparing music for a concert in mid-December. Rehearsals with a guest conductor are mandatory and happen over a two-day intensive clinic that ends with the concert. It is an honor to be selected as an All-Region participant, and it helps all students prepare for a higher playing level ability, regardless of whether they are successfully placed into the orchestra.


In high school, there is another level beyond All-Region called All-State that allows All-Region orchestra students from all over Texas to audition. The clinic and concert for All-State is held annually in San Antonio at the Texas Music Educators Association conference. 

Online Music Lesson

Click here to sign up for in-school private lessons! Lessons are not mandatory, or a guarantee, but can go a long way in helping your student prepare for the audition! 


Click here to download and fill out a participation contract, and indicate time preferences for the audition. 

Form due by October 11th. 

Things to remember

Nothing should be planned on the day of auditions, except All-Region Auditions. Please do not schedule a private lesson, go to an athletic practice, or anything that might cause you to be late or absent. Showing up late to your audition time will mean you lose the opportunity to make All-Region orchestra until the following year.

Auditions are "blind" meaning that the selected judges will not be able to see you. They are sitting behind a curtain, while the rest of the students wait patiently for their turn to play the music. 

Audition results will be given on that Monday following the audition. Please do not email or contact the director for the results, and please do not hang around the audition facility for results. 

If you are selected to be a member of the All-Region Orchestra, you will be responsible for attending ALL rehearsals and the concert. If you know that you will not be able to attend, please speak with the orchestra director.

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